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5 Questions Egg Donors Hear

Being an egg donor is a remarkable experience. Egg donors actually change lives by helping deserving couples and individuals build their families when they would otherwise not have been able. Although egg donation has risen in popularity in the past decade, real understanding of the process and what it means to be an egg donor is sometimes lacking.

So many myths about egg donation exist that when a woman decides to be an egg donor and shares this information, she may encounter questions from family and friends. Some of these questions are completely legitimate, but others are simply long-held misconceptions. Here are 5 questions that egg donors have reported hearing before, during or after their donation.

“Are you being paid to donate eggs?”

It’s true, prospective parents can compensate egg donors for their time and effort during the egg donation process. Compensation for egg donors often occurs on a case-by-case basis. An egg donor fee typically falls in the range of $4,000 - $10,000. Certain factors can help determine a high compensation range, such as the woman having been an egg donor previously or having qualities deemed exceptional.

“Can any woman become an egg donor?”

No, not every woman can become an egg donor. Egg donor agencies such as Egg Donor America require that those applying to become egg donors meet our list of donor requirements in order to ensure that they are both physically capable and responsible. These requirements typically focus on a woman’s age, physical and physiological health, drug use, family history, body mass index (BMI), menstrual cycle and more.

“How long does egg donation take?”

Before egg donors begin the egg donor cycle, they must undergo screenings to assess physical and mental health. These screenings also ensure that the potential donor fully understands her role in the process. Once screenings are complete, which can take several months, the actual egg donation cycle takes up to six weeks. For more information on how the egg donation cycle works, please read our page on the egg donation process.

“Do you have to pay anything?”

No, egg donors are not charged for their role in the process. The prospective parents matched with the egg donor are responsible for costs resulting from the egg donation cycle.

“Isn’t donating eggs surgery?”

No, egg donation does not involve surgery. Eggs are retrieved while the donor is under IV sedation – no surgical cut occurs. However, after the procedure the egg donor will need an individual to transport her home as she will not be able to drive after sedation.

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