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A Note of Gratitude for Our Egg Donors

Egg Donor America is proud to offer intended parents a database of over 800 egg donors to match with in order to help build their families. The gratitude of intended parents who use an egg donor to have a baby is well-established, and Egg Donor America’s Case Managers wish to further note our appreciation of the young women who choose to donate their eggs.

We know egg donation is an important decision not taken lightly
The decision to donate your eggs may not be easy. There is much to consider, and the process is not nearly as straightforward as sperm donation is for men. There are medications and injections involved in the preparation for the egg retrieval procedure, and psychologically, donors must have undergone screening to ensure not only that they are 100% comfortable with their choice, but that their motivation is in line with their agency’s expectations.

Compensation for your efforts
This is not to say the process is without reward, because it isn’t. Yes, donors are compensated for their dedication, time and efforts. Some donors with desirable qualities like a specific background or education may even receive higher compensation. This compensation provides donors with opportunities they might not have had previously, such as paying for education, travel, or any other life needs or wants.

Yet financial compensation is not the only reward. Egg donors are aware of what their actions can do for another couple or individual. There are many reasons why an egg donor could be required; perhaps a couple is infertile, or has faced unsuccessful fertility treatment. Perhaps they are LGBT, and using an egg donor and gestational surrogate is their preferred route to parenthood. Or the person could be a single male seeking parenthood via third-party reproduction.

The impact on intended parents lasts forever
These are all situations in which sharing a biological connection or carrying a pregnancy might not be possible without egg donation. It can be difficult for intended parents beginning the egg donation process to imagine finding their ideal match. There are so many factors to consider: Should my donor look like me? Do I have a preference for my donor’s education or career? Should my donor and I share similar interests? The impact on these choices will last forever, but there will be something in your donor profile that draws an intended parent to you, and a match is made.

Many young women look back fondly on the process in the years after the donation, knowing that they’ve changed lives. Sometimes, one donation cycle turns into another as a new family is helped. Ultimately, egg donation exists to give options to those who once had very limited means to have a baby. We’re incredibly grateful to everyone who applies to our egg donor program, and we’re committed to ensuring the journey is as smooth as possible for all parties.

If you’re interested in joining our egg donor program, please start an initial application today.

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