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Anonymous Vs. Known Egg Donation

In recent years, third-party reproduction services like egg donation and gestational surrogacy have been utilized by those facing an infertility diagnosis and those in the LGBT community who need assistance to conceive. As more and more people become familiar -- and comfortable -- with services like egg donation, education becomes very important, as it removes some of the long-standing and painful stigmas that couples have faced while trying to build their families.

One of the initial and sometimes overwhelming aspects of using an egg donor is in the early decision process – after you’ve decided to work with a donor, but before a match is made. This decision is whether to use an anonymous or known egg donor.

Anonymous egg donation
Anonymous egg donation refers to when the prospective parents do not know their egg donor prior to seeking a match. This means that the prospective parents have decided to work with an agency to find their egg donor through the agency’s egg donor database. To find the right egg donor, future parents can search through the database and check out the profiles of available donors. Profile information can depend on the donor, as it’s up to each woman to provide as much detail as she prefers. However, prospective parents can generally expect to find information on a donor’s physical characteristics like hair, skin color, eye color, height, weight, educational background, career, hobbies and more. The more specific your egg donor requirements, the narrower your list of available egg donors will be.

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Known egg donation
Known egg donation, also called directed egg donation, refers to when the prospective parents already know their egg donor because she is a family member or friend. Even when working with a known egg donor, it is still very important for the prospective parents to work with an attorney who specializes in third-party reproduction to ensure that their interests as well as the donor’s are covered and that all expectations for the egg donation process, both before and after, are decided and legally protected.

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