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How Do I Benefit From Becoming an Egg Donor?

The enormous generosity of egg donors is well known. Egg donors choose to dedicate their time and energy to be part of an incredible process. Their generosity can make a dream come true for someone who once thought they would not be able have a child. This is an incredible role, and it presents women with benefits they may not have thought of when they first learned of egg donation.

If you’ve ever wondered about the motivations of egg donors or why egg donation is a worthwhile and rewarding experience, here are a few benefits that accompany becoming an egg donor.

Egg donation opens doors.

Yes, egg donors are compensated for their donation—donors can receive up to $10,000 for their efforts. This is a notable feature of the process, and many donors report that compensation is used to assist with their personal or professional goals. Continuing their education, student loans, world travel, etc., are all listed as top reasons for egg donation. These opportunities that were once hindered by financial constraints are now available thanks to becoming an egg donor.

You’ll learn about your health and fertility.

Egg donors undergo medical and psychological screenings in order to ensure that they are the right fit for their role. These screenings include a fertility screening in which the donor’s ovaries are examined and fertility potential is determined. During these screenings, potential donors have the unique opportunity to learn about the status of their physical health and fertility.

You know you’re making a real difference.

When an egg donor is matched with intended parents and a pregnancy results, there is no question that the donation changes lives. Regardless of whether a couple struggles with infertility or if they are LGBT, egg donation makes parenthood possible. It’s this sense of improving the lives of others in a drastic and lasting way that draws women to donate their eggs in the first place.

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