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2015 'Best in Egg Donation' Roundup

With each new year, Egg Donor America looks forward to exciting opportunities to bring together prospective parents and the egg donors needed to build their families. Becoming an egg donor is a special opportunity to help a couple who would not be able to have a baby without your donation, and we hope to expand our current database of more than 1,400 qualified egg donors in 2016.

Because so many future parents and donors may be new to the egg donation process, we at Egg Donor America wanted to take a look back at some of our most popular blog posts from 2015 that shed light on egg donation – its benefits and stigmas alike.

Celebrities, Babies, and Egg Donors
Celebrities make planned conception seem easy, right? Gossip, fashion, and style magazines frequently feature celebrity moms at 40, 45, or even older with their newborn children. What is often left out of these articles is the reality of how these babies came to be.

How Do I Benefit From Becoming an Egg Donor?
When an egg donor is matched with intended parents and a pregnancy results, there is no question that the donation changes lives. Regardless of whether a couple struggles with infertility or if they are LGBT, egg donation makes parenthood possible. It’s this sense of improving the lives of others in a drastic and lasting way that draws women to donate their eggs in the first place.

An Unfair Stigma: Why Is Using an Egg Donor Still Stigmatized?
Even well-meaning family and friends can impart hurtful comments without noticing that what they are saying is judgmental or unkind. Attitudes toward egg donation have evolved, as they should, but this doesn’t mean that everyone is on board about the process of using a donor. For couples and individuals who feel comfortable doing so, educating your family and friends about egg donation can be very helpful. There are a lot of long-time myths and misconceptions about donor eggs that still circulate, particularly among those who have never spoken to a member of the fertility community.

Should the Egg Donor I Choose Look like Me?
Recent research has shown that fewer couples list a donor’s looks as their top priority as they search for the donor whose eggs will help build their family. Instead, more and more future parents are placing a higher emphasis on the donor’s intellect and personality – her education, her career, her future plans, is she well-traveled, is she athletic, and other interests.

Eggs and Fertility 101
There are many reasons why a woman or couple chooses to use an egg donor in order to have a baby. Infertility, age, genetics, and medical conditions are some of the more common reasons heterosexual couples use an egg donor to start or build families.

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