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Does the 'Perfect' Egg Donor Exist?

The search for an egg donor may feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Intended parents, at times, can place undue pressure on both themselves and the search process to find “the perfect egg donor.” This is understandable for many reasons, including that the egg donor of choice will be the individual who will help build your family. It’s an immensely personal decision. However, what makes an egg donor perfect?

Egg Donor America explains why the approach taken by intended parents while searching for an egg donor is so important, and how it can make all the difference in regard to the stress and pressure you feel while making a decision.

Your egg donor search
A lot of the pressure intended parents can feel during the search process is based on whether or not they should find an egg donor who physically resembles one or both partners. It is ultimately up to you as to how much importance a physical resemblance will be given, but we do hope intended parents will keep in mind that other factors can be considered as well. On a typical egg donor profile, you can learn about the donor’s education, career goals, hobbies, interests and more.

When egg donation was in its early stages, how an egg donor looked was often the only factor you could weigh, but now, thanks to expanded donor profiles and a growing understanding of the donation process, intended parents have more options. You can search for someone who shares your eye and hair color, but you shouldn’t feel that you have to do so if other areas are of more interest to you.

Egg donor search limitations
If you are working with an egg donor agency, your Case Manager will likely make a point to note that the more specific your qualifications for an egg donor, the smaller the pool of donors you will have available. For example, for those intended parents who start the search process with specific physical, educational, religious and/or racial qualifications, the possibility of finding a donor who meets every point will decrease.

At Egg Donor America, we offer a roster of over 600 egg donors, so the options for finding the right donor for your family are numerous. However, when parameters for an egg donor are very tight, you will not have the selection you expected when starting from 600 donors. This isn’t to say any intended parent should be discouraged. Our Case Managers will work closely with you to ensure we can offer a selection of qualified, screened donors to choose from.

If you have questions about the egg donor matching process or about our donor database, please contact Egg Donor America today.

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