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Egg Donor America Honors National Infertility Awareness Week

National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) takes places during the last week of April and honors those couples who struggle with infertility. One in eight couples struggle with infertility, which means that many of us likely know someone who has struggled to conceive – or maybe struggled ourselves.

A significant part of any person’s fertility journey is not just expanding their own awareness about infertility as they work through testing and treatment, but that of family and friends who are counted on for support. Egg Donor America fully recognizes that every situation is different – some infertility cases can be treated by a fertility specialist, and others will require third-party reproductive services like an egg donor, sperm donor or gestational surrogate. Regardless of the path taken to build a family, NIAW offers an opportunity to revamp efforts to spread awareness about infertility and all the different ways people can become parents today.

How to share your fertility story with family and friends

  1. Decide early in the process what you will and will not share.
  2. Understand that you do not have to answer every question or discuss topics that invade privacy.
  3. Consider how you will answer common questions about your treatment plan or decision process, such as:
    • If using IVF, you can probably expect questions on the process and cost of the procedure.
    • If using an egg or sperm donor, you can probably expect questions about cost, type of donation (known or anonymous donor) and if the donor will be involved post-cycle.
    • If using a gestational surrogate, you can probably expect questions on cost and your relationship with the surrogate before, during and post-childbirth.
  4. Have a list of resources prepared so family and friends can learn more. The following sites are good resources for inquiring minds:
    American Society for Reproductive Medicine
    Society for Assisted Reproductive Technologies
    Proud Parenting for Gay and Lesbian Parents

In many ways, even though couples and individuals facing infertility today greatly benefit from modern technology, there are still many emotionally and financially-charged hurdles in between being a prospective parent to actually becoming a parent. NIAW highlights spreading awareness of these challenges and encourages members of the infertility community and their allies to celebrate NIAW.

Learn how you can join:
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