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“Egg Donor Surrogacy USA” is Now “Egg Donor America”

Egg Donor America, formerly known as Egg Donor Surrogacy USA, has changed its name to further establish itself as a leading international egg donation agency. Egg Donor America has an extensive egg donor database and is currently in the process of launching a frozen egg bank program. Egg Donor America has also relocated from its former Maryland location, and is now headquartered in Virginia, near the nation’s capital of Washington D.C. This convenient location allows prospective parents from around the world to experience the exceptional service and quality that sets Egg Donor America apart.

Among the many new changes that are happening at Egg Donor America, it has been announced that Egg Donor America will no longer be providing access to surrogate mothers to its clients. They previously provided surrogacy services to prospective parents in Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and many other states across the country. Though it was not an easy decision, the shift in strategy will allow the organization to be more fully focused on egg donation.

“I consider myself lucky to have worked with some the most beautiful and generous spirits in the reproductive community including gestational carriers, intended parents and egg donors. While we will no longer be providing surrogacy services, we would like to extend many thanks to everyone that has come into our lives and welcome future parents and donors to Egg Donor America.” - Susan Ondr, Executive Director

Egg Donor America has one of the largest egg donor databases’ in the nation with over 1500 high quality donor candidates. Each egg donor goes through a selective application process which reviews their medical health, personality, physicality and additional relevant attributes. Egg Donor America has years of experience matching prospective parents with exceptional donor candidates.

With a focus on quality and service at Egg Donor America, the launch of a frozen egg bank is the next logical step. A frozen egg bank will help recipient parents reduce their overall cost and time-span compared to a traditional egg donation cycle. It will also be more convenient for donors because they can donate their eggs without the added stress of matching their ovulation with the recipient’s cycle.

“Egg donation offers our organization an extraordinary opportunity to continue fulfilling dreams around the world. We are expanding our horizons with the launch of the frozen egg bank program and are very excited for Egg Donor America’s new strategic direction.”- Dr. Pierre Asmar, Founder and Medical Director.

About Egg Donor America

Egg Donor America is an industry-leading egg donation center. The company mission is “fulfilling dreams around the world by bringing together prospective parents and egg donors.” Located just outside of Washington D.C. in Annandale, Virginia, Egg Donor America provides assistance to couples throughout the United States and around the world.

For more information, please visit: eggdonoramerica.com

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