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How an Egg Donor Pregnancy Will Feel like "yours"

A common concern of women who use an egg donor to build their family is that their pregnancy, and even their child once born, will not “feel” the same as a pregnancy or child conceived without third-party reproduction. Women may wonder if the lack of biological connection will override how they feel as their pregnancy progresses – whether there will be a disconnect between mom and baby. Having these sort of thoughts during your journey to parenthood is understandable, even expected.

An Unexpected Path to Motherhood
Most women grow up with the assumption that they will be able to start having children when they are ready, so the idea of needing to use an egg donor instead of your own eggs can be unexpected and emotionally trying. Coming to terms with an egg donor pregnancy is a process that can vary from woman to woman. Once you work through the emotional aspects of using an egg donor, select the right donor match, and are ready to undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF), you’ll begin to understand how an egg donor pregnancy will feel like your very own.

The Reality of Parenthood
Children who are conceived naturally through family planning and children conceived using an egg donor have something important in common: they are both very much wanted. You and your partner know exactly how badly you want to have a child together, and after the journey you’ve undertaken, a pregnancy, with the help of a donor or not, is welcome news.

Perhaps you’ve undergone fertility treatments that were not successful, or maybe you’ve known all along that you’d need a donor because you are LGBT or have a medical condition that affects ovarian reserve. In any of these situations, once you’ve reached the decision to use an egg donor, you are acknowledging the fact that as the female partner, you will not share a biological link with your child. That fact, however, will never change your role as your baby’s mother.

From the moment you realize the pregnancy test is positive, you have a deep connection with the child you are carrying. Your pregnancy will nurture and protect your baby as he or she grows, and once the child is born, you will continue to do so. Egg donor pregnancies may seem different, but only from an outsider’s perspective. Women who have experienced pregnancy and motherhood thanks to the help of an egg donor will go through the same ups and downs as with any natural pregnancy, and, in the end, they will have their child.

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