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How Do I Transition from Fertility Treatment to Egg Donation?

At Egg Donor America, we assist couples and individuals who have undergone fertility treatment without success and are turning to egg donation in order to grow their families. In these cases, we understand that this can be a very emotional and difficult transition.

Fertility treatment has advanced considerably in the past decade, but there is still time, energy and financial responsibility at stake. It can be a shock when efforts prove unsuccessful and egg donation is recommended.

Take your time – there’s no need to rush
Time is often an important factor in fertility treatment, especially in situations where the female partner’s age is relevant to the diagnosis and recommended treatment plan. If your fertility specialist recommends that your transition to egg donation should begin as soon as possible, it is up to you and your partner to decide whether this is the right course of action. However, in the event you have time to more carefully weigh your options and process the transition, we suggest you take that time.

Fertility treatment can be a whirlwind, with highs and lows on repeat. If the need for egg donation is unexpected or unwelcome for a time, there are benefits to taking a break from treatment. There is no need to rush unless age or other factors are of serious concern. Many partners find that taking a few weeks or months to process the need for an egg donor, research their options and carefully move forward with the agency of their choice are of great emotional benefit.

How do I find the right egg donation agency for me?
Once you have decided that you and your partner are ready to move forward with egg donation, it’s time to find an agency you trust and feel comfortable with. We’ve provided a blog post outlining three core questions intended parents should ask prospective donor agencies, which you can read here. These questions highlight donor recruitment, donor selection and compensation. You can also check out our blog for posts on topics like:

We hope that if you have any remaining questions or concerns about the egg donation process, choosing an egg donor or working with an agency, you’ll contact Egg Donor America today.

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