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How to Avoid Becoming Overwhelmed When Finding an Egg Donor

Does the thought of choosing an egg donor feel overwhelming? Finding the right egg donor to help build your family is an essential first step in the egg donation process. Perhaps you wish to work with an egg donor you already know, such as a family member or close friend. Others may prefer to work with an egg donation agency who can provide an assigned Case Manager to assist in the matching process.

Agencies like Egg Donor America offer prospective parents Case Managers who make navigation of third-party reproduction as stress-free as possible. Our Case Managers are available to provide guidance during this journey and to answer your questions.

Getting started with egg donation
A careful review of your chosen egg donor agency’s website should be your first step. You’ll want to make sure you understand the services, fee schedule and requirements. The next step, should prospective parents decide to work with Egg Donor America, involves a consultation with one of our Case Managers. During the consultation, you’ll be able to ask any questions you and your partner may have about egg donation. If you choose to move forward with our agency, we will assign a Case Manager.

Finding an egg donor
One you are assigned a Case Manager, it’s time to choose an egg donor from our database.
Finding the best egg donor for your growing family is a very personal decision. Sometimes, couples are determined to find a donor who most resembles one or both partners. For others, they may weigh the donor’s education, hobbies and lifestyle more heavily over physical traits. Your criteria for an egg donor is ultimately up to you, but we do want to note that a longer list of requirements may considerably narrow the list of available candidates.

Once you find the egg donor you wish to work with, your Case Manager can assist with finding a fertility clinic if you are not already working with one. This clinic can perform your donor’s pre-screening tests or she can be tested at a practice closer to her home. This is also the time when prospective parents will need to undergo their medical screenings.

Resources to use in the meantime
The Egg Donor America blog has an entire section dedicated to finding an egg donor. Prospective parents can search for information regarding egg donor costs, egg donation FAQs, the egg donation process and more.

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