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How to Choose Between Fresh Versus Frozen Donor Eggs

Prospective parents who choose egg donation to build their family will need to decide whether they will proceed with fresh or frozen donated eggs. There are advantages to both types of donor egg, and it is ultimately up to prospective parents to decide which type is best for their growing family.

Egg Donor America understands that this decision can be a difficult one, especially for those new to third-party reproduction, so we’ve highlighted the core differences and advantages to each type egg donation below.

Egg donation with fresh donor eggs
• An opportunity to potentially ask the donor more questions
• The pool of eggs collected from the donor will not be divided or shared
• A better chance of being able to have biological siblings
• Improved fertilization rates
• May be able to freeze extra embryos for later use

Egg donation with frozen donor eggs
• Eggs are available for use immediately
• No need for cycle synchronization
• Prospective parents can choose when to implant
• Egg donors are already fully screened
• 100% chance of receiving mature eggs
• Less chance of a cycle cancellation
• Generally less expensive than fresh donor eggs

During a fresh donor egg cycle, the donor is screened and matched with prospective parents. The donation cycle begins once the donor’s and recipient’s cycles are synchronized. The process can take anywhere from three to six months. During a frozen donor egg cycle, synchronization is not needed, so the timeframe depends entirely on the convenience of the prospective parent carrying the pregnancy.

Egg Donor America recommends consulting with a fertility specialist in order to determine if a fresh or frozen egg donor cycle is a better fit. Frozen donor eggs are appealing to many prospective parents because of the lower cost and expected shorter timeframe, but it may not be the best route depending on the individual situation. A fertility specialist can better plan for specific needs, but our Case Managers are available for any questions you may have.

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