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How to Enjoy a Stress-Free Egg Donor Journey (for Prospective Parents)

Using an egg donor to build your family may not have been how you expected to have a baby, but when it’s the right right choice for you, the process can be both exciting and emotional. Whether you’ve faced an infertility diagnosis or are LGBT, choosing an egg donor is a special procedure that has the potential to sometimes overwhelm prospective parents.

When you’re responsible for choosing the donor who will help you have a baby, the process can seem daunting. Many future parents ask, “How am I supposed to know who is best?” or, “What should I be looking for in an egg donor?

These questions are very common, and at Egg Donor America, we’ve helped every prospective parent we’ve worked with to find an egg donor who meets their individual needs. When looking for an egg donor, prospective parents often seek someone who shares the physical traits of one or both partners. However, as egg donation becomes increasingly popular, prospective parents are starting to look for different traits in their donors – such as interests, skills, athleticism and intellect. It’s entirely up to you and your partner which traits you desire in an egg donor, and in order to keep the decision-making process as stress free as possible, we’ve provided a key tip below:

It’s okay to be picky, but being realistic is important too.

Sometimes a couple will have a general idea of the kind of egg donor they are looking for – maybe they want a woman with blue eyes who is tall – and sometimes a couple will have a list of qualifications they hope for in an egg donor. It’s perfectly okay to have a specific set of qualities, both physical and otherwise, in mind while you search for a donor, but it’s also important to remember that every item on your list can limit your search field quite a bit. If you’ve narrowed down your search to the point where only one or two donors are available but you haven’t decided on one of these, it may be time to reexamine what you’re seeking in an egg donor.

As stated earlier, more prospective parents are looking beyond a donor’s physical traits and looking at personality traits (Does the donor come from a large family?), interests (Does she play sports? Does she like to travel? Is she pursuing post-graduate education?) If you come across a donor profile that provides a wealth of information, we recommend taking advantage of it.

At the end of the donation process, your baby will feel like your baby. Many former prospective parents report that they were concerned about not being able to bond with their child, but this is highly unlikely – truly. Remember, as you search for an egg donor, the decision is yours – but the team behind Egg Donor America is here to help if you need it.

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