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How to Find an Asian Egg Donor

For prospective parents of Asian descent, finding the right egg donor may pose the additional essential challenge of matching with a donor from a similar heritage or certain blood type.

Modern family building through third-party reproduction provides Asian prospective parents with this opportunity, and Egg Donor America is happy to help find every couples’ ideal egg donor. We are very sensitive to the desires of future parents in need of a donor, and we will work with you to find an Asian egg donor who best fits your needs.

Why is it harder to find an Asian egg donor?
The more restrictive the requirements put forth by prospective parents, the more difficult it can be to find the ideal egg donor. We wish to acknowledge that this may be compounded when a specific heritage or blood type is added to the list of qualifications.

Where can I find an Asian egg donor?
At Egg Donor America, we proudly offer a database of over than 1,000 qualified egg donors. We encourage all prospective parents searching for an Asian egg donor to register with Egg Donor America to view our database and begin searching for their ideal donor.

We also ask future parents to contact Egg Donor America directly in order to discuss their search, particularly if they require additional information about a donor’s Asian heritage.

Will working with an Asian egg donor require a higher fee?
Egg donor compensation can typically range from roughly $4,000 to $10,000. This fee can fall at the higher end of this spectrum when using eggs from donors who have previously donated (multiple donations), egg donors who are in high demand (certain religious requirements or heritage needs), or egg donors with exceptional qualities. Due to the specific details required in the search for an Asian egg donor, it is possible that she may require higher compensation.

Find an Asian egg donor with Egg Donor America
We recommend prospective parents looking for an Asian egg donor to contact Egg Donor America today to begin the search. Our case managers are highly experienced in working with clients who have specific needs for their egg donor search and can assist in finding the right donor for your family.

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