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How Will I Be Supported as an Egg Donor by My Agency of Choice?

When a prospective egg donor decides that she will work with an egg donor agency, she will rightly research the agency, its reputation, egg donor program requirements, the egg donation process and the type of support system it has in place. These details should not be taken lightly and should strongly factor into the decision to choose one agency over another.

At Egg Donor America, we take the questions and concerns of prospective egg donors seriously. Our Case Managers are an essential part of that process. Read on to learn how our Case Managers work to provide the support donors need to feel confident in their decision to help a couple in need grow their family.

Case Managers at Egg Donor America

Our Case Managers are available to assist egg donors through every step of the donation process, from completing an application to all the required screenings. We’re here to make sure donors are fully aware of and understand each step, all while ensuring that donors remain comfortable throughout the process. For those first-time egg donors, the steps involved in egg donation can seem overwhelming, and many women are taking certain medications like birth control or having certain procedures like a vaginal ultrasound for the first time in their lives. Fortunately, our Case Managers have the experience necessary to guide donors through their donation cycle with minimal stress and inconvenience to all involved.

Egg donor FAQs
Egg Donor America offers a full FAQ guide for prospective egg donors which can be viewed here. We highlighted some of the top questions prospective egg donors ask our Case Managers below:

Will donating my eggs affect my ability to have children?
No. Donating your eggs does not mean you will have fewer eggs available for when you are ready to try to conceive. During the egg donation cycle, fertility medications are used to develop extra eggs.

How long is an egg donation cycle?
It can take several weeks to a few months for an egg donor to be matched with intended parents, but once the cycle begins, it takes about six weeks from start to finish.

Do I have to pay for anything as an egg donor?
No. As a donor, you are not responsible for any costs associated with the egg donation process.

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