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Egg Donor America (EDA) was featured under its previous name Egg Donor Surrogacy USA (EDS) in an internationally televised broadcast by RTAmerica exploring the rapid growth of the fertility industry. An industry-leading egg donation provider, Egg Donor America offers an inside look into their egg donation center on the televised RTAmerica feature.

Washington, DC (PRWEB) July 6, 2010 -- Egg Donor Surrogacy USA (EDS) has been featured in an internationally televised broadcast by RTAmerica exploring the rapid growth of the fertility industry. Advances in reproductive medicine combined with today's cultural trend of starting families later in life, have increased the need for egg donors.

An egg donation center, Egg Donor Surrogacy USA has witnessed first-hand the increased need for egg donors as more couples seek fertility treatments. RTAmerica brought their studio cameras to EDS headquarters in Annandale, VA to speak with individuals about their unique roles in the Egg Donor Program, interviewing patients, doctors, and staff, including Executive Director Susan Ondr.

Susan Ondr, who has been featured in Fertility Today as one of "America's Leading Experts in Reproductive Medicine," explained that prospective parents in the egg donor program will receive a personal consultation to help them find an egg donor. During the consultation couples can read through egg donor profiles and information to determine which characteristics are the most important to them. Many couples are looking for candidates that resemble their physical appearance while others place greater value on genetics or personality.

"We have over 900 egg donors in our database. Our egg donors are a talented and diverse group of women with the highest level of intellect, achievement, and beauty. There's nothing more heartwarming than seeing our patients become parents. These women are inspirational, their generous commitment in helping couples become a family is greatly respected," said Executive Director Susan Ondr.

The Egg Donor Surrogacy USA website, EggDonorAmerica.com, was a prominent part of the news feature. Designed by the interactive agency I.V. Interactive, the website allows prospective parents to search a database of hundreds of potential egg donors. Parents can search by specific criteria including eye color, hair color, education level, and other important dimensions. The website makes Egg Donor Surrogacy USA available to prospective parents in other parts of the world where the quality of medical care or legal issues can interfere with fertility treatment options.

The RTAmerica broadcast offers an exclusive insider's view of Egg Donor Surrogacy USA, home to one of the most elite egg donor programs in the United States. Less than twenty percent of applicants are accepted into their egg donation center. Some say, becoming an egg donor is comparable to admittance to an Ivy League College.

About Egg Donor America

Egg Donor America is an industry-leading egg donation provider. The company mission is "fulfilling dreams around the world by bringing together prospective parents and egg donors." Located just outside of Washington D.C. in Annandale, Virginia, Egg Donor America has a prominent presence on the east coast including areas such as Washington D.C., Virginia, and Maryland. The egg donation center provides assistance to couples nationally and internationally.

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