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What Is it Like to Use an Egg Donor?

Even with the increasing popularity of third-party reproduction, using an egg donor to build your family is still a very new concept for some. Same-sex male couples understand long before the moment they choose to build their family that an egg donor will be needed, but those who require an egg donor due to infertility or a genetic condition might have to adjust their expectations about how they will have a baby.

Regardless of your reasons for needing an egg donor, many couples and individuals beginning the process will wonder what it’s like to use an egg donor – How does it work? Will the baby feel like mine? What should I look for in an egg donor? How do I explain egg donation to family and friends?

These are all perfectly valid questions, and not uncommon. The egg donation process is not as well-known as sperm donation, nor is it as straightforward. Using an egg donor is an experience that may be entirely unknown within your circle of family and friends. At Egg Donor America, we want every prospective parent to feel comfortable with the choice of using an egg donor, which is why we’ve highlighted some of the key areas of the process below.

Yes, your baby will feel like yours.

“Will my baby feel like mine?” is a very common question egg donor agencies hear. Women worry that they will struggle to bond with their baby if they lack a genetic connection, or they worry that they will miss recognizing their own features in their child too much. Our experience as an egg donor agency has found these concerns to be unfounded. Your baby is your baby, whether the egg is yours, whether you carry him or her for nine months, or whether you use a surrogate mother. Parents who use an egg donor bond just as much with their child as those who do not.

The process of finding the right egg donor is evolving.

For many prospective parents of the past, searching for the right egg donor meant one thing: how similar of an appearance does the donor share with the female prospective parent? It’s understandable that a woman would desire an egg donor who shares her ancestry, eye color or face shape. This line of thought is still heavily entrenched today, but egg donor agencies are also noticing an evolving trend in which prospective parents are looking for more than a donor who happens to share physical features. Intellect and personal interests are beginning to make more of an impression on those choosing a donor. Ultimately, however, donor selection is entirely up to you and your partner.

Family and friends will understand – they may just need some guidance.

Many prospective parents fear judgment from their family and friends, but the fact is, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions about egg donation that may cloud their opinions. Helping educate and spread awareness about egg donation and how it works can go a long way toward easing any future conversations you will have with those who are not very familiar with the process. Remember, you do not have to share any information that you prefer to keep private. It is up to you and your partner as to how much you will share.

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