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Post-cycle Egg Donation Benefits

The process of egg donation is very different from that of sperm donation; it requires more from the donor in terms of both time during the process and energy. Because of this, egg donors are typically offered higher compensation as well as case managers (when donors work through an agency) to provide guidance. Becoming an egg donor is not a decision to be taken lightly, and we encourage those still considering whether to apply through our program to reach out with questions/concerns.

There are clear benefits to egg donation, though, and if they appeal to you, perhaps donating eggs to a growing family is in your future.

Egg donors are carefully screened prior to the egg retrieval procedure. These screenings include infectious disease, blood type, drug use and general health. Genetic screening is included after the initial medical exams, as certain diseases will disqualify a donor for the program. These tests are free of charge to the donor, as the intended parents you are matched with will be asked to include these fees in their cycle financial planning. This knowledge is not likely something an egg donor would seek unless symptoms of illness are present, so learning that you are carrying or free of certain conditions can guide your long-term healthcare and future family planning goals.

Personal satisfaction
There are many ways the average person can work to improve the lives of others, but few acts have the impact that egg donation offers. Reasons for needing an egg donor can vary. For some couples, an infertility diagnosis and/or years of trying to conceive without success have resulted in the turn to egg donation. For others, such as LGBT couples, using an egg donor is one of the few ways they can have a child, particularly one they share a partial biological relationship with. There is great personal satisfaction in knowing that your dedicated time and energy has sincerely made someone’s dreams come true and removed the heartbreak and stress that accompany the difficulties of needing a third party to have a baby.

Yes, egg donors are compensated for their efforts, as they should be if it is their desire. The compensation from your donation cycle can open doors that may not have been available without this financial boost. Education, travel and debt relief are all common uses of egg donor compensation. Of course, how you choose to utilize your donor compensation is entirely up to you.

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