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What Do Prospective Parents Look For in An Egg Donor?

A recent study found that an increasing number of prospective parents looking for an egg donor are putting more importance on a donor’s intelligence and less on how similar the donor’s appearance is to that of the future parent(s). In fact, over the four-year period of the study, the percentage of women who wanted an egg donor from a “similar gene pool” actually decreased substantially – from 40% to just 25% of participants. What does this mean for the community of prospective parents and donors? The study suggests that this shift in priorities for those in need of an egg donor to build their family means that more women and their partners want a donor whose exceptional qualities are more academically based.

The search for the right egg donor has often included a donor whose physical qualities match the female partner in need of an egg. It’s understandable that someone who wants to have a baby but is unable to do so with her own eggs would want her donor to look as similar to her as possible – indeed, this has been a long-held practice by many. However, as the fertility community expands and donor egg use becomes more widespread both for infertile couples and the LGBTQ community, the notion that the donor has to be a good physical match for the mother is no longer as prominent.

Those in search of an egg donor are placing a higher premium on women who are intelligent, or who engage in one or more of a wide variety of hobbies and interests. Each egg donor has the opportunity to present her personality during the donor application process, to show who they really are as a person versus presenting only information about her height, weight and eye color. Donors who take advantage of this opportunity to show prospective parents who they are and what’s important to them are offering information that can truly aid in the decision-making process.

Factors used in choosing an egg donor are up to each individual and couple – whether you select a donor who has the same eye color or height as you or a close family member, or if she is intelligent, ambitious and shares your love of soccer, the choice is up to you. Egg Donor America can provide ample assistance throughout the entire egg donation process, including support with donor selection, fertility clinics, legalities and more. Contact Egg Donor America today to get started.

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