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Should the Egg Donor I Choose Look like Me?

In our blog late last year, we explored current trends on what prospective parents are looking for in an egg donor. Even months later, recent research has shown that fewer couples list a donor’s looks as their top priority as they search for the donor whose eggs will help build their family.

Instead, more and more future parents are placing a higher emphasis on the donor’s intellect and personality – her education, her career, her future plans, is she well-traveled, is she athletic, and other interests. There is less of a desire to find the best physical match and a new urge to connect with the donor’s interests and goals (even when anonymous).

Unlike sperm donation, egg donation can still be quite new to the general public. Women who use an egg donor can struggle with an unfortunate stigma that stems from a lack of education and understanding about the process – something that lessens as more egg donor recipients share their stories. Because egg donation is much more medically involved than sperm donation, a donor’s motivations are thoroughly screened in order to ensure that she completely understands what her commitment entails and what it will mean for a couple or individual wishing to have a child.

For LGBT couples, particularly same-sex male couples, egg donation may be an inherent part of your family building process. However, for those couples who require a donor due to infertility, the journey may be quite emotional – accepting that you need to use a donor to have a child can be a challenge, which is why the donor search process can seem overwhelming.

Regardless of whether you are LGBT or in need of a donor due to fertility concerns, choosing the right donor for you is entirely your decision. If a donor’s appearance and how similar she looks to you or your partner comes first, then Egg Donor America has an entire database of egg donors that can be searched by age, race, eye color and more. For those who wish to place their focus beyond a donor’s aesthetics, our egg donor profiles also offer information on donor education, career and more, although it is up to the donor to decide just how much information is presented on her profile.

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