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The Egg Donation Dictionary: Important Terms for Egg Donors and Prospective Parents

Are you considering using an egg donor to build your family? In the last decade, egg donation’s popularity has grown significantly among infertile couples and LGBT couples. For those who are new to the egg donation process, it can seem somewhat daunting. Egg Donor America has put together a convenient egg donation guide for men and women who are interested in finding an egg donor, but wish to learn more before connecting with an agency and starting their journey to parenthood.

Egg donor – An egg donor is a woman between the ages of 18 and 32 who has chosen to donate her eggs in order to help others. Egg donors must meet our egg donor requirements before they are accepted. Once accepted, egg donors are added to our database, where prospective parents can search for an ideal donor. Egg donors are compensated for their time and effort.

Egg donor compensation – This is the fee paid to the egg donor. This fee changes from donor to donor. For example, donors who previously donated their eggs may receive higher compensation than a first-time donor.

Egg donor screening – Egg donor screening is the collective series of medical and physiological exams potential donors are required to complete once a match has been made with prospective parents. Examples of some of the screenings include fertility, medical, genetic and psychological screenings, if needed. These tests are designed in order to help ensure that the donor is both physically and mentally prepared to donate her eggs.

International egg donation – While Egg Donor America only works with U.S.-based egg donors, we frequently help to connect international prospective parents with American donors. We’ve worked with future parents from all over the globe, including Europe, South America, Asia, the Middle East, and more. Our team of qualified case managers has experience in working to meet the unique needs of international couples, specifically in coordinating all arrangements needed for the egg donation cycle in the U.S.

Egg donor database – Egg Donor America boasts more than 1,000 qualified egg donors in our current database. These donors come from various backgrounds and locations. Prospective parents can search for their donor by age, eye color, race and more.

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