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The Egg Donor Checklist

Becoming an egg donor to help a family or individual in need is an incredibly generous decision. Egg donors deserve the utmost support before, during and after their donation cycle. For first-time donors who have had questions from the moment they started their application, Egg Donor America is happy to address every concern.

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One great way to help egg donors feel prepared for the donation process is to provide the appropriate information right away so potential donors know exactly what to expect. This pertinent information ranges from knowing if you qualify for our egg donor program, to the questions you need to ask before you are matched, to what to expect after your retrieval date.

Before you apply to become an egg donor:

  • Check all the requirements
    Not every woman can participate in an egg donor program. Donors need to be between the ages of 18 and 32 and healthy, with a BMI between 19 and 29. You also need to have regular monthly periods, have both ovaries and be willing to take injections during the donation cycle. Generally, egg donors should be mature and reliable individuals who can keep an appointment.
  • Decide how you will address your donation with family and friends
    The decision to tell family and friends about your egg donation is entirely personal. If you do choose to let others know, we suggest having a “plan” in place to explain your decision and discuss the donation process with those who are unfamiliar with third-party reproduction. You may be caught off-guard by the questions you are asked about factors such as compensation or other common FAQs.

Before you are matched:

  • If you are accepted into our egg donor program, you will be asked to complete information for your egg donor profile – this is the profile prospective parents will view while researching the right egg donor to help build their family. The information you present in this profile is entirely your choice, though more information can help future parents decide more quickly. You will be asked about everything from your educational background, your current career and hobbies to whether you are willing to work with a non-traditional family.

After your retrieval date:
• The time after your egg retrieval may be marked with mild to moderate discomfort such as cramping or bloating. Egg Donor America has detailed the potential risks and complications in full here. Most former donors only report mild cramping in the hours and days after the procedure, but it is still important to discuss any concerns you may have with the fertility specialist performing your retrieval before and after the procedure.

If you are interested in becoming an egg donor with Egg Donor America, please start your initial application today.

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