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Three Situations in Which Infertility Leads to Egg Donation

Egg donation services can be used to help build families for LGBT couples as well as for those facing infertility. LGBT couples, particularly same-sex male couples, are aware that egg donation services will be needed in coordination with surrogacy services. However, for women who expected to conceive and carry to term without issue, an infertility diagnosis can come as a difficult surprise.

When an infertility diagnosis leads to egg donation
Infertility issues affect 1 in 10 American couples, so the circumstance is more common than most people think. However, infertility is not a blanket term; it includes a number of specific issues that negatively impact a couple’s ability to conceive. In some cases, female-factor infertility leads to the need for an egg donor. We explore three examples of this situation below.

• Women with poor-quality eggs

• Women of advanced maternal age

• Women with no eggs

Women can have a healthy uterus but have no or poor-quality eggs. Women can also require an egg donor in cases of advanced maternal age, when egg quality/quantity is a concern. The quality and quantity of eggs can vary from woman to woman and is often impacted by underlying health concerns, such as endometriosis or polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Additionally, women who have undergone previous cancer treatments, such as radiation and chemotherapy, may experience issues with egg quality/quantity.

The egg donation process
Regardless of why your fertility specialist has recommended egg donation, the process does not have to be as daunting as it seems. When you choose an agency like Egg Donor America, you will be assigned a case manager who will assist with each step of the donation process. We invite those facing a recent proposed treatment plan featuring egg donation to review our top blog posts. They address the most common questions prospective parents have at each stage of the process:

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