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Three Takeaways Parents Learn When Using an Egg Donor

When an intended parent decides to use donated eggs during pregnancy, it’s often done so with trepidation. Parents wonder:

  • Will I be able to afford an egg donor pregnancy?
  • Will I find an egg donor who matches my genetic characteristics?
  • Will my egg donor pregnancy look and feel different from any other type of pregnancy?

These and other questions are completely normal. Here’s a pleasant surprise: Parenting – with all its challenges – is just as miraculous and wonderful with an egg donor as it is when it manifests the old-fashioned way. The obstacles intended parents envision as additional to the standard hurdles one experiences during pregnancy and child-rearing usually melt away with time, patience and a little strategic planning.

Here are three takeaways parents learn when using an egg donor:

1. Egg donor fees can be managed affordably

Egg Donor America is transparent when it comes to egg donor fees. This means you can budget up front and develop a financially sound approach. Our convenient location in Annandale, Virginia, makes it easy for prospective parents to affordably access our office. We’ve also made it easy and affordable to access our services via local resources in Washington, D.C.; Baltimore, Maryland; and Richmond, Virginia. The more information you know in advance of choosing an egg donor, the easier an egg donor pregnancy is to manage financially, especially with affordable transportation costs.

2. The right egg donor for you does exist

Most children resemble their parents at least a little bit, and children resulting from an egg donor pregnancy need be no exception to this rule. It is possible to find an egg donor who matches your wish list when it comes to height, build, ethnicity, hair color, eye color and more. Furthermore, intended parents can also consider an egg donor’s educational background, career goals and psychological/medical history before making their choice. Egg Donor America offers a selection of more than 600 screened egg donors, enhancing the odds that your future child will resemble you (or not) however you envision.

3. Your egg donor pregnancy is a true pregnancy

Medically speaking, your egg donor pregnancy is no different from any other type of pregnancy. Your body will adapt to pregnancy and weather its trimesters the same way it would to any other pregnancy. You’ll switch to an obstetrician’s care from your fertility specialist. Additionally, you’ll give birth and will bond with your baby in those early days in the same way you would have if the baby had come from one of your own eggs.

Parents start their egg donor pregnancy journey with concerns that the pregnancy will feel abnormal or stressful. The reality for most people – with support from a great egg donor agency – is a truly rewarding experience.

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