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Top Questions Asked by Potential Egg Donors

Unsure if becoming an egg donor is right for you? It's perfectly understandable to be on the fence when considering donating your eggs. There's a lot to think about, and many women are surprised when they find out egg donation is a much more involved process than sperm donation. Even if you do some research on your own, you’re likely to have additional questions about egg donation and the egg donor experience – and that’s okay!

Potential egg donors often have a wide range of questions, but here are a few of the top questions they tend to ask before submitting an egg donor application.

Do I have to take medications as an egg donor?

Yes, egg donors are required to be on certain medications during the donation process. These medications include birth control pills and hormone injections. If you have additional questions, the role of these medications is explained in the egg donor process.

Does it Hurt to Donate Eggs

During the egg retrieval procedure, you will be given a light IV sedation in order to ensure your comfort. The entire procedure usually lasts less than 30 minutes, and all donors are monitored while the effects of the sedation wear off.

Do I have to pay to donate?

No, egg donors are not expected to pay any out-of-pocket costs.

What information comes from genetic screening?

One unexpected benefit of the egg donation process is learning about your family’s medical history, including any genetic disorders that can affect your health and the health of your future children.

My period is irregular – can I still be an egg donor?

Generally, most egg donor agencies, including Egg Donor America, will accept only those who have regular, monthly menstrual cycles.

For more common questions asked by potential egg donors, please visit our Egg Donor FAQ page.

Please remember that becoming an egg donor is an exciting opportunity to help another couple have a baby. Even if the egg donor process seems more in-depth than you expected, the end result will be the same: making a life-long difference in the lives of deserving people.

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