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What Should an Egg Donor Look for in an Agency?

As anyone interested in or considering becoming an egg donor knows, there are many opportunities for egg donation advertised out there, but which should you choose?

Because the egg donation procedure is more medically involved and time-consuming than sperm donation, potential egg donors may feel uneasy about some of the advertisements for donation that they come across, especially if these ads make bold claims about compensation exceeding $10,000. You’re right to feel wary as egg donation is probably not something you are already familiar with, and of course, outrageous claims about monetary compensation should be suspicious.

One of the many benefits of working with an egg donor agency throughout your donation cycle is trust. Egg donor agencies like Egg Donor America are built on the experience and reputation of their case managers. The actual egg donation cycle can take around six weeks to complete, so having a case manager you can rely on for questions about medical screenings, medications and injections, or what to expect post-procedure is a tremendous source of stress relief. Egg donation is becoming more and more common as modern family building techniques advance, but being a donor might still be a unique experience among your family and friends, so having someone you can rely on and trust is essential.

If you’re looking to donate your eggs, but haven’t decided on an agency, here are some questions you can ask any prospective organization:

• How many case managers are available to assist with egg donor questions and concerns?
• Can you provide a recommendation for a fertility center?
• Do you offer anonymous and known egg donation?
• What is your matching process like?
• How long does it typically take to match intended parents with an egg donor?
• How much personal information is required on my egg donor profile?
• When do I receive my compensation for being an egg donor?
• How many egg donors are in your egg donor database?

Answers to the above questions can help shape your opinion of an egg donation agency and the case managers you will work with. Egg donation can seem like an overwhelming process initially, but the more you learn about each stage and the agency you’ll be working with, the easier and less intense it will feel.

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