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Will My Egg Donor Pregnancy Be Different?

Women who choose to use an egg donor to help build their families have already experienced the emotional highs and lows of the egg donation process, but what happens once a pregnancy is confirmed?

Some women worry that they will not be able to enjoy the full spectrum of what it means to be pregnant, or that their pregnancy via egg donation could be different in some way that lessens the experience. This is a common concern, and one that is often founded both in the struggle to conceive (for those where infertility was unexpected) and society’s perception of egg donation.

Weighing the medical versus the emotional impact
From a medical standpoint, your pregnancy is likely to progress just like any other pregnancy. Your baby will grow over time and you will learn the baby’s sex (if you so choose) and his or her weight. He or she may kick a lot or a little as they get to know your voice. You’ll prepare for your baby just as any other future parent would.

The one part of this process that some future parents who used egg donation worry about is whether they will feel the same bond with their growing child as a couple who conceived naturally. Will their baby “feel like” their baby? How long will it take until I feel a bond with my child? Am I feeling what I should be feeling?

Oftentimes, this worry can be attributed to simple overthinking. The concern is normal, but it is essential for future parents to remember that their child is deeply wanted and is already loved, regardless of whether they conceived naturally or required some form of reproductive assistance. Even those who conceive naturally face concerns about bonding with their child, both during pregnancy and post-childbirth. It is a normal part of family building, no matter which route you take.

Reach out for support when you need it; you are not alone
Sometimes, once a pregnancy is achieved, future parents can feel removed from the infertility community they were once a part of. However, there are many former fertility patients out there who face the same anxieties over where there is an appropriate bond with their baby during and after pregnancy. Third-party reproduction services are growing in popularity and becoming increasingly well known, which means support groups are available for those in all stages of family building. Support groups can be in-person, online, for couples, for LGBT couples and many other formations to support your needs and situation. It can be very helpful to discuss your worries with those who are experiencing the same concerns.

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