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Fertility Clinics & Fertility Centers

Egg Donor America will work with your fertility clinic / fertility center, regardless of the location. If haven't yet chosen a fertility center, we have provided a comprehensive list of clinics and centers in the United States as listed by the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART). Our egg donation clinic has worked with many centers throughout the nation. A sampling of international fertility clinics and centers has also been provided.

Egg Donation Fertility Clinic Resources

A Woman's Center for Reproductive Medicine
A.R.T.Institute of Washington, Inc.
Advanced Fertility & Reproductive Endocrinology Institute, LLC
Advanced Fertility Associates Medical Group Inc
Advanced Fertility Care, PLLC
Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago
Advanced Fertility Center-Institute for Women's Health
Advanced Fertility Group
Advanced Fertility Services
Advanced Reproductive Care Center
Advanced Reproductive Center of Hawaii
Advanced Reproductive Concepts
Advanced Reproductive Health Centers Ltd
Alabama Fertility Specialists
Albany IVF, Fertility & Gynecology
Alex Steinleitner, M.D., Inc
Alta Bates IVF Program
American Fertility Services PC
American Infertility of New York PC
Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health
Arizona Center for Fertility Studies
Arizona Center for Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility
Arizona Reproductive Medicine Specialists
Arkansas Fertility Center
ART Fertility Program of Alabama
Assisted Fertility Program of North Florida
Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine
Aurora Fertility Services-West Allis Memorial Hospital
Austin Fertility Center
Batzofin Fertility Services PC
Baystate Reproductive Medicine
Beth Israel Center for Infertility and Reproductive Health
Bethesda Center
Boca Fertility
Bonaventura Reproductive Medicine
Boston IVF
Brenda L. Moskovitz, M.D., P C
Brigham & Women's ART Center
Brooklyn/Westside Fertility Center
California Fertility Partners
Cardone Reproductive Medicine & Infertility LLC
Carolina Conceptions P A
Carolinas Medical Center
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Center for Advanced Reproductive Care
Center for Advanced Reproductive Endocrinology
Center for Assisted Reproduction
Center for Fertility & Reproductive Health
Center for Fertility and Gynecology
Center for Reprod. Medicine of N Mexico
Center for Reproductive Endo & Fertility
Center for Reproductive Health
Center for Reproductive Health and Gynecology
Center for Reproductive Medicine
Center for Reproductive Medicine & Fertility
Center for Reproductive Medicine and Surgery
Center for Reproductive Medicine PA
Center for Women's Medicine
Center of Reproductive Medicine
Central California IVF-Women's Specialty & Fertility Center
Central Georgia Fertility Institute
Cleveland Clinic Fertility Center-Beachwood
CNY Fertility Center
Coastal Fertility Medical Center
Colorado Ctr. for Reproductive Medicine
Colorado Reproductive Endocrinology
Columbia Fertility Associates
Columbia University Center for Women's Reproductive Care
Community Reproductive Endocrinology
Comprehensive Health for All Fertility Medical Group Inc
Conceptions Reproductive Associates
Connecticut Fertility Associates
Continuum Reproductive Center of St Luke's Roosevelt Hospital Center
Cooper Institute for Advanced Reproductive Medicine
Cooper Institute for Reproductive Hormonal Disorders PC
Crozer Chester Medical Center
Ctr for Advanced Reproductive Medicine & Fertility
Dallas IVF
Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility Associates
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
Delaware Valley Institute of Fertility & Genetics
Diamond Institute for Infertility
Dominion Fertility & Endocrinology
Duke Fertility Center
East Coast Fertility
East Coast Infertility and IVF
East Tennessee State University
East TN Fertility, IVF & Andrology Center
Eastside Fertility Laboratory
ECU Women's Physicians
Emory Reproductive Center
Endrika Hinton, M.D.
Family Beginnings, PC
Family Fertility Center
Fertility & Gynecology Associates
Fertility & IVF Center of Miami
Fertility & Surgical Associates of California
Fertility and Gynecology Center
Fertility and Reproductive Medicine Center for Women
Fertility and Women's Health Center of Louisiana
Fertility Center of Assisted Reproduction and Endocrinology
Fertility Center of Las Vegas
Fertility Center of Maryland
Fertility Center of NW Ohio
Fertility Center of San Antonio
Fertility Center of Southern California
Fertility Centers of Illinois- River North IVF
Fertility Centers of New England
Fertility Concepts
Fertility Institute of New Jersey
Fertility Institute of Virginia
Fertility Physicians of Northern California
Fertility Specialists Medical Group
Fertility Specialists of Dallas, P A
Fertility Specialists of Houston
Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine
Florida Institute for Reproductive Sciences and Technologies (FIRST)
Fort Worth Fertility PA
Frank C. Riggall, M.D., P.A.
Froedtert Medical College Reproductive Medicine Clinic
Garfield Fertility Center
Geisinger Medical Center Fertility Center
Gene F. Manko, M.D., Inc.
Genesis Fertility & Reproductive Medicine
Genetics & IVF Institute
Geoffrey Sher, M.D., PC
George Washington University
Georgia Center for Reproductive Medicine
Georgia Reproductive Specialists
Gold Coast IVF
Grand Rapids Fertility & IVF, P.C.
GYFT Clinic
Hawaii Reproductive Center
Heartland Center for Reproductive Medicine, P.C.
Henry Ford Medical Center
Henry G. Bennett Jr. Fertility Institute
Highland Park IVF Center
Hinsdale Center for Reproduction
Houston Fertility Institute
Houston Infertility Clinic
Houston IVF
Hudson Valley Fertility, PLLC
Huntington Reproductive Center Medical Group
Idaho Center for Reproductive Medicine
IGO Medical Group of San Diego
Indiana University IVF Program
Infertility & Gynecology Ctr. of Lansing
Infertility & IVF Center
Infertility & IVF Medical Associates of Western NY
Infertility & Reproductive Medicine Center at
Infertility Center of St. Louis at St Luke's
Infertility Solutions, P.C.
Institute for Reproductive Health
Institute for Reproductive Health and Infertility
Institute for Reproductive Medicine & Science
Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Health
Island Reproductive Services
IVF Florida
IVF Michigan
IVF New Jersey
IVF Phoenix
Jacksonville Center for Reproductive Medicine
James A. Simon, M.D., PC
Jarrett Fertility Group LLC
Johns Hopkins Medical Institute
Jones Institute at West Penn Allegheny Health Systems
Jones Institute for Reprod Medicine
Kaiser Permanente Center for Reproductive Health Sacramento
Karande and Associates, S C
Kettering Reproductive Medicine
Kutteh Ke Fertility Associates of Memphis, PLLC
Laurel Fertility Care
LifeSource Fertility Center
Loma Linda University
Long Island IVF
Louis R. Manara, D.O.
MacDonald Fertility and IVF Program
Madigan Army Medical Center
Main Line Fertility & Reproductive Medicine
Manhatten Reproductive Medicine
Mayo Clinic-Assisted Reproductive Technologies
Metro Fertility Care
MetroHealth Medical Center
Metropolitan Reproductive Medicine PC
Michigan Center for Fertility and Women's Health PLC
Michigan Comprehensive Fertility Center
Michigan State University
Mid-Iowa Fertility, P.C.
Mid-Missouri Reproductive Medicine and Surgery
Midwest Center for Reproductive Health
Midwest Fertility Center
Midwest Fertility Specialists
Midwest Reproductive Center, P A
Midwest Women's Healthcare
Nashville Fertility Center. P.C.
NC Center for Reproductive Medicine
Nebraska Methodist Hospital
Nevada Center for Reproductive Medicine
Nevada Fertility CARES
New England Fertility Institute
New Hope Center for Reproductive Medicine
New Hope Fertility Center
New Leaders in Fertility & Endocrinology, LLC
New York University School of Medicine
Newport Fertility Center
North Houston Center for Reprod. Medicine
North Hudson IVF
North Jersey Fertility Associates, LLC
North Shore Fertility
North Shore University Hospital
Northeastern Ohio Fertility Center
Northern California Fertility Medical Center
Northwest Center for Reproductive Sciences
Northwest Fertility Center
Northwestern University
NOVA In Vitro Fertilization
Oak Brook Fertility Cente
Offices for Fertility & Reproductive Medicine PC
Ohio Reproductive Medicine
Olympia Women's Health
Oregon Health & Science University
Oregon Reproductive Medicine
Overlake Reproductive Health, Inc.
Pacific Fertility Center
Pacific Fertility Center-Los Angeles
Pacific IVF Institute
Pacific NW Fertility and IVF Specialists
Pacific Reproductive Center
Palm Beach Fertility Center
Palmetto Fertility Center of South Florida
Palo Alto Medical Foundation
Parker, Rosenman, Rodi Gyn Inf Med Grp
Pedro J. Beauchamp, M.D. IVF Program
Piedmont Reproductive Endocrinology Group PA
Premier Fertility Center
Presbyterian Hospital Plano ARTS
Princeton Center for Infertility
Princeton IVF/Delaware Valley Ob/Gyn and Infertility Group
Reena Jabamoni MDSC
Reproductive Associates of Delaware
Reproductive Biology Associates
Reproductive Care Center
Reproductive Care of Indiana
Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility
Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility Specialists
Reproductive Endocrinology Associates
Reproductive Endocrinology Associates of Charlotte
Reproductive Gynecology
Reproductive Health and Fertility Center
Reproductive Health Associates, P.A.
Reproductive Health Center
Reproductive Health Specialists
Reproductive Health Specialists, Inc.
Reproductive Medicine & Infertility Associates
Reproductive Medicine and Fertility Centers
Reproductive Medicine and Infertility
Reproductive Medicine and Surgery Center of Virginia
Reproductive Medicine Associates
Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut
Reproductive Medicine Associates of Michigan
Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey
Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York, LLP
Reproductive Medicine Associates of Pennsylvania
Reproductive Medicine Associates of Texas, PA
Reproductive Medicine Institute-MeritCare Health Systems
Reproductive Partners
Reproductive Resource Center of Greater Kansas City
Reproductive Science Center
Reproductive Science Center of New Jersey, PA
Reproductive Science Institute
Reproductive Sciences Center
Reproductive Specialists of New York LLP
Reproductive Specialty Center
Reproductive Specialty Medical Center
Repromed Fertility Center
Richmond Center for Fertility
RMA of Philadelphia
Rocky Mountain Center for Reprod. Med.
Rocky Mountain Fertility Center, P.C.
Rush-Copley Center for Reproductive Health
S. Florida Institute for Reproductive Med
San Diego Fertility Center
Sanford Women's Health
Scripps Clinic IVF Center
Seattle Reproductive Medicine
Servy Institute for Reproductive Endocrinology
Seth Levrant, M.D., PC
Shady Grove Fertility Center
Shore Institute for Reproductive Medicine
South Jersey Fertility Center
South Texas Fertility Center
Southeastern Fertility Center
Southern California Center for Reproductive Medicine
Southern California Reproductive Center
Southwest Center for Reproductive Health
Southwest Fertility Center
Southwest Florida Fertility Center, P.A.
Stanford University IVF/ART Program
Strong Fertility and Reproductive Science Center
Texas Fertility Center, Drs Vaughn, Silverberg & Hansard
Texas Fertility, P.A.
The Center for Advanced Reproductive Services
The Center for Assisted Reproductive Technology at The University of Maryland
The Center for Reproductive Health
The Fertility Center
The Fertility Center at Missouri Baptist Medical Center
The Fertility Center at Ochsner
The Fertility Center of Chattanooga
The Fertility Center of Colorado
The Fertility Institute at Edward
The Fertility Institute at New York Methodist Hospital
The Fertility Institute of New Orleans
The Fertility Institutes-California, Nevada
The Kaiser Permanente Center for Reproductive Health
The Marino Foundation for Integrative Medicine
The Milton S. Hershey Medical Center
The Muasher Center for Fertility and IVF
The Reproductive Center
The Reproductive Medicine Group
The Rinehart Center for Reproductive Medicine
The Rinehart-Coulam Center
The Stamford Hospital
The Texas Center for Reproductive Health
The Valley Center for Reproductive Health
The Valley Hospital Fertility Center
The Women's Center at Aurora BayCare Medical Center
The Women's Place
The Women's Specialists of Houston
Toll Center for Reproductive Sciences/Abington Reproductive Medicine PC
Tree of Life Center
Tripler Army Medical Center
Tulsa Center for Fertility
UC Davis ART Program
UCLA Fertility Center
UCSF Center for Reproductive Health
Univ of Colorado Health Sciences Center
Univ of North Carolina School of Medicine
University Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine
University Fertility Consultants
University Ob/Gyn Associates
University of Alabama at Birmingham
University of Florida Women's Health at Magnolia Parke
University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)
University of Maryland
University of Miami Infertility Center
University of Michigan Medical Center
University of Minnesota Physicians
University of Mississippi Med Center
University of Pennsylvania Penn Fertility Care
University of Pittsburgh Physicians
University of South Alabama
University of South Florida IVF
University of Wisconsin Center for Reproductive Medicine
University Reproductive Associates
University Women's Care IVF-Infertility
USC Fertility
Utah Center for Reproductive Medicine
Vermont Center for Reproductive Medicine
Vincent IVF Unit
Virginia Center for Reproductive Medicine
Wake Forest University Center for Reproductive Medicine
Washington Fertility Center
Weill Medical College of Cornell University
West Coast Fertility Centers
West Valley Fertility Center
West Virginia University Fertility Center
Westchester Fertility & Reprod. Endo.
Westchester Reproductive Medicine
Wilford Hall Medical Center
Wisconsin Fertility Institute
Women and Infants Hospital
Women's Clinic, Ltd.
Women's Health Care, S C
Women's Reproductive Center
Women's Specialty Health Centers
Yale University IVF Program
Zouves Fertility Center

 International Egg Donation Fertility Clinic Resources

The professionals at Egg Donor America have worked with a variety of international fertility clinics and centers. Below is a sampling of those fertility clinics and the countries in which they are located. If you have any questions about working with an international fertility clinic, please contact us.

Bourn Hall Clinic – United Kingdom
Cork Fertility Centre – Ireland
Dickinson Cowan – United Kingdom
The Assisted Conception Unit – United Kingdom
The Centre for Reproductive & Genetic Health – United Kingdom
The Kilkenny Clinic – Ireland
The Lister Fertility Clinic – United Kingdom