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Frozen Egg Program

“Our miracle has arrived!”

Whether you choose fresh or frozen eggs, selecting a donor can be a difficult decision. You now have the ability to search our database for donors who have frozen eggs available for immediate use through our Frozen Egg Bank. Egg Bank America will assist you with any questions or concerns you have along the way.

  1. Fertility Center - You will need to select a fertility center or clinic so that we know where to ship your eggs. We will work with your fertility center's embryology team to ensure that they have the necessary information and equipment to receive the eggs. We will also be in contact with your third party reproductive coordinator to ensure that you have the eggs prior to your scheduled embryo transfer cycle.

  2. Donor Selection - If you know you want to use frozen eggs, you can filter your search by selecting the box for a frozen egg search. This will limit your search to donors who have eggs available for immediate use. We have a limited inventory of frozen eggs, so if you don't immediately see what you are looking for, contact one of our case managers. We add new donors every month and we are happy to contact you when new frozen donors are available. You can secure your donor by paying the $16,900 fee for a batch of 6-8 eggs. If more than one batch is available, you have the option of purchasing multiple batches. There is an additional $4,000 fee for premium donors.

  3. Shipping - Once we have received your payment and necessary documents, we will begin coordinating shipping. We will ensure that your fertility clinic's lab has everything they need to receive the shipment of frozen eggs. We are proud to offer free shipping at this time to any fertility clinic of your choice in the United States.

  4. Cycling - Your reproductive endocrinologist and third party reproductive coordinator will work with you to ensure that all appropriate screening and diagnostic testing has been completed prior to the start of your embryo transfer cycle. They will work with you (or your gestational carrier if applicable) to schedule an approximate embryo transfer date and will instruct you on which medications to take and when to schedule monitoring appointments to prepare your uterine lining for the transfer. Meanwhile, your clinic's embryology team will be coordinating the fertilization of the eggs and will culture the embryo(s) to prepare for your embryo transfer.

  5. Pregnancy - Hopefully on the first embryo transfer!

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