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Egg Donor Fees & Costs

Our egg donors are paid for their time and efforts. Below is a summary of egg donor costs for a single cycle, which includes basic egg donor compensation. Total cost may vary based on the particular situation, including whether or not you select an experienced egg donor. Please contact us with any questions about fees and costs.

Fresh Single Cycle: Egg Donor Costs & Fees

Egg Donor America Agency Fee: $7,900

Escrow Fees to Include:

Egg Donor Compensation: $5,000 - $10,000
Legal Coordination Between Prospective Parents and Egg Donor: $800
Egg Donor Attorney Fee (if needed): $800
Egg Donor Psychological Evaluation (if needed): $450
Egg Donor Insurance Coverage: $297
Escrow Account Management Fee: $350 + *price will vary depending on the Escrow Company you choose*

Not Included:

Associated Medical Costs
All egg donor costs associated with the IVF procedures including medical testing, screening, laboratory, medications, ultrasounds, doctor visits are additional. Please contact your doctor for a complete listing of additional egg donation costs.

Travel Expenses
Airfare costs for egg donor and a traveling companion, hotel accommodations (shared room for egg donor and companion), ground transportation, and $100 per diem.

All fees are subject to change without prior notice.

Frozen Donor Eggs

Frozen Egg Batch (6-8 eggs): $16,900
Premium Donor Batch (6-8 eggs): $20,900

There are no additional agency fees associated with acquiring a batch of frozen eggs. We offer free shipping to any clinic in the United States at this time. Please refer to your fertility clinic for information on additional fees associated with a frozen egg cycle such as ICSI, embryo culture, embryo transfer and cycle medications.

Making Your Egg Donation Costs More Manageable

There are several factors that contribute to the total amount of egg donation costs you pay. These include compensation to the egg donor, fees paid to the fertility center, egg donation agency, and other professionals involved. Here are two tips that you can use to help you make these costs a little more manageable.

Before selecting a fertility center to work with, research the related egg donation costs charged by the fertility centers around your area. Since this will be a large portion of your overall egg donation. Find out how much they charge for IVF, medication, etc. beforehand.

Choosing an egg donor that lives relatively close to you and the fertility center of your choice can also help to greatly reduce the final amount you pay for egg donation. This will eliminate or reduce any excess travel expenses during the egg donor cycle.

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