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About Our Center

Welcome to Egg Donor America, a leading center for egg donation. Our primary goal is to make the process of selecting an egg donor as easy and as comfortable as possible. Egg Donor America was founded by fertility expert Dr. Pierre Asmar. Dr. Asmar oversees every aspect of the egg donor program.

The staff of experienced professionals at our egg donation agency accompany prospective parents and egg donors throughout the process. All clients are treated with sensitivity and care.

We work with a diverse group of egg donor recipients, from single, gay, and lesbian prospective parents, to traditional couples from the USA and around the world.

Our prospective parents select their own fertility specialist, and Egg Donor America will coordinate all the details. We also adhere to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine guidelines and comply with all FDA regulations.

All egg donors go through an extensive application and interview process. This ensures only the most qualified young ladies are selected for our egg donation programs. Each egg donor is educated about her responsibilities and knows exactly what to expect throughout the process.

Once an egg donor has been selected, we work closely with your fertility doctor’s office to coordinate the cycle.

We look forward to helping prospective parents realize their dreams. Please contact us and see firsthand why so many prospective parents enjoy working with us; and why physicians and fertility clinics worldwide trust our services and continue to refer patients.