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International Egg Donation Services

Egg Donor America is an international egg donor program that has successfully worked with prospective parents in Canada, England, Scotland, Wales, Norway, Sweden, Italy, France, Germany, Greece, Russia, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Australia, India, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Israel, Hong Kong, and Japan.

Since prospective parents in our international program are a significant percentage of our patients, we are very familiar with managing cycles and addressing the special needs of our clients.

Egg Donor America will coordinate all arrangements necessary to complete an egg donation cycle within the United States. Prospective parents in our international program may be screened and monitored within their country of residence and then spend approximately 4-7 days in the United States for the retrieval and transfer. Exact requirements may vary according to clinical protocol.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding our international egg donor services we offer for prospective parents in our international program. We look forward to helping you realize your dreams.