About Us

Erin Reynoso RN, BSN

Case Manager
Director of Donor Recruitment

Erin earned a Bachelors of Science in Nursing from New York University. In her 15+ years of nursing experience, she has worked in Emergency Room Trauma nursing, as well as Preoperative and Postoperative nursing. She joined Egg Donor America in 2015, and has since been featured in an article on Parents.com where she discussed egg donation.

Erin was drawn to the fertility community after experiencing her own struggle to conceive. After undergoing fertility treatments to build her family, she understands the crucial importance of third-party reproductive services like egg donation. Erin notes that though the process wasn’t always easy, she was glad to have modern family building services available that helped bring her three children into the world.

“I enjoy working with and getting to know our egg donors and intended parents. My goal is to help make the intended parent’s dream of having a family come true.”
— Erin Reynoso