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Susan Ondr

Senior Case Manager, Egg Donor America

Over the past 18 years, Susan Ondr has used her talents to develop a very successful Egg Donor Program at Washington Fertility Center, helping hundreds of individuals and couples become parents. Susan received a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from the University of Missouri.

In 1998, Susan joined Washington Fertility Center, an interdisciplinary, health care practice that serves patients in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC. The center provides the most advanced female and male infertility care and reproductive services to patients in the United States and worldwide.

Susan has been featured in Fertility Today, “America’s Leading Expert in Reproductive Medicine” and More Magazine, “Celebrating Women over 40.”

When it comes to finding the right egg donor for the Prospective Parents, the match is often in the smallest detail. Susan prides herself on having a discerning eye. “Sometimes I will be talking to a couple and the perfect egg donor for them will just pop into my mind. It’s just an ability I have.”

Susan is uniquely qualified to provide Prospective Parents, and Donors with a comfortable and informed experience. She realizes this process can be overwhelming and strives to exceed the expectations of her global patients.

Susan takes great pride in helping Prospective Parents achieve their dreams of having a child. “There is nothing more rewarding!”