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Frozen Egg Bank FAQ

Egg Donor America has compiled a list of frequently-asked questions with important information about frozen egg donation to better assist prospective parents. If you have any questions that are not addressed below or need more information on frozen donor eggs, please contact us, and we will do our best to assist you.

Why choose frozen donor eggs?

Success rates using frozen eggs have improved significantly over the years through improved egg freezing techniques. The high success rates combined with the convenience makes frozen eggs an attractive option for many intended parents. Using frozen eggs eliminates many of the potential setbacks that can come up during fresh cycles. You never have to worry about your donor backing out, your cycle getting cancelled if your donor doesn't respond as expected to cycle medications, producing fewer eggs than anticipated, unanticipated travel expenses, etc. When you use frozen eggs you don't have to worry about synchronizing cycles or running into potential scheduling or logistical conflicts with your donor. The frozen eggs that you acquire can be shipped directly to the clinic of your choice and are ready for immediate use when you decide to undergo a cycle.

What is the quality of your frozen eggs?

Keep in mind that these are eggs and not embryos. Embryo quality can only be determined after fertilization. Whether you are using fresh, frozen, own egg or donor egg, the quality of the embryos can vary and you can get embryos of varying grades from the same batch of eggs. There is no way to predict the embryo quality by the appearance of the donor eggs. We freeze only mature eggs to increase your chances of successful fertilization.

Is the batch of eggs from the same donor?

Yes, each batch of eggs is from the same donor. Depending on the number of eggs she produced, we divide them into multiple batches. Frozen eggs are acquired in batches of 5-7 or greater to improve the likelihood of having a good embryo to transfer. If additional batches are available from the donor you select, you have the option to acquire more than one batch. If a donor has had more than one retrieval with us you may see multiple batches with different retrieval dates.

How do you screen your donors?

Our selection process is rigorous and very few of our donor applicants make it to retrieval. When we initially screen our donors we look for healthy, well rounded young women who seem altruistically motivated to donate. We follow all ASRM and FDA guidelines during the screening process. Our donors have baseline screening to assess ovarian reserve, genetic screening and receive a psychological clearance from a clinical psychologist before being approved to move forward.

How do I select a donor?

This is a very personal choice for every intended parent. Full profiles are viewable through www.eggdonoramerica.com when you register as an intended parent. You can view information about the donor's health, family history, ethnic and educational background. We do not edit or alter the donor's personal responses at all so that you get a sense of their personality. Most donors have provided adult and childhood photos.

What if I would like additional information about my donor?

We ask all of our donors to keep their contact information current with us so that we can reach out to them in the future if questions arise. We are happy to make a good faith attempt to contact the donor if you have specific questions that were not answered in her profile, however, keep in mind that some donors may have donated quite some time ago and may no longer be available.

How quickly can I move forward?

Once you have selected and acquired your eggs, we can move forward almost immediately. We will coordinate the transport of the eggs between Washington Fertility Center in Annandale, Virginia and the clinic of your choice. We will work closely with the laboratory staff at both clinics to ensure that your eggs are safely delivered. You will work with your reproductive endocrinologist and IVF coordinator to ensure that your own screening is complete and to discuss fertilization of the eggs. They will work with you to come up with a cycle calendar for your embryo transfer.

How much do frozen eggs cost?

The acquire price for a batch of 5-7 eggs is $15,900. For a Premium Donor batch (Donor of Rare Ethnic Ancestry) the acquire price is $19,900. We are proud to offer free shipping. If you choose to travel to Washington Fertility Center for your embryo transfer, there is a $5,900 fee for egg warming, ICSI, embryo culture and embryo transfer. If you are having the eggs shipped to another fertility clinic, please refer to your clinic for pricing for medication and cycle related treatment expenses.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes. If your fertility clinic has been approved, we offer a guarantee of one good embryo to transfer if you acquire a batch of at 5-7 frozen eggs. If your batch fails to yield at least one good embryo, you will be provided with a replacement batch from either the same donor or a donor of your choice at no additional cost.

What are your success rates?

Actual success rates will vary greatly from clinic to clinic. We carefully screen our donors and use evidence-based protocols to ensure the highest quality eggs possible. There are many factors at play such as skill of the embryology staff, male factor, uterine factor, protocols used, etc. It is very helpful to receive feedback from your fertility practice about thaw rates, fertilization rates and pregnancy data so that we can continue to make changes to improve outcomes for our intended parents.