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3 Reasons to Become an Egg Donor

There is a long-held misconception that egg donors only choose to donate their eggs because they get paid to do it. Compensation might be one reason a woman would agree to become an egg donor, but it’s most certainly not the only reason. Egg donation does not mean one simple trip to a clinic - it involves considerable time and energy for the prospective donor. In particular, any good fertility clinic screens its donor-applicants carefully, even to the point of making sure the prospective egg donor’s motives are appropriate. Below are the top three reasons women choose to become an egg donor:

1. **Empathy & Compassion**

Most egg donors make their decision based on strong feelings of empathy for the prospective parents. Egg donors tend to be quite generous in their willingness to help others - for instance, they typically have a keen understanding of the struggles a couple may go through in attempting to start a family. These donors realize that LGBT couple and those struggling with infertility often require donated eggs to have a child. Eggs from a qualified donor can make their dreams of parenthood come true.

**2. **Empowerment

Before the actual egg donation process, a prospective donor will undergo fertility, medical and genetic screenings – and much more. These tests make certain that the prospective donor is fully qualified for her role, but they have the added benefit of providing the donor a thorough education about her body and her health. Through egg donation, donors participate in a powerful experience that impacts not only the prospective parents, but society as a whole. Simply put, becoming an egg donor is a serious decision that may provide long-lasting happiness for others.

3. **Pride**

Couples that require the help of an egg donor have often sincerely struggled with infertility issues, in some cases for many years. In fact, by the time prospective parents realize their inability to conceive a child on their own and seek the help of an egg donor, this amazing and life-giving process could be their only chance to have a child. As an egg donor, you’ll actually be changing the lives of a couple for the better by enabling them to become parents. This is an accomplishment of which you can be justly proud.

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