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Egg Donor America Honors National Infertility Awareness Week

National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) takes places during the last week of April and honors those couples who struggle with infertility. One in eight couples struggle with infertility, which means that many of us likely know someone who has struggled to conceive – or maybe struggled ourselves. …

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Ten Mistakes to Avoid When Using an Egg Donor

Searching for the right egg donor for your family and navigating the egg donation process can seem like a long and overwhelming journey. Fortunately, experienced case managers like those at Egg Donor America can aid in every step along the road to parenthood, from finding an egg donor who meets…

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How to Process the Need for an Egg Donor

Learning that you must use an egg donor to have a baby is news that can be fraught with disappointment, anxiety, and unease. After all, unless you are part of an LGBT couple, you probably didn’t expect that your journey to parenthood would require another woman’s help. Regardless of whether you rec…

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Celebrities, Babies, and Egg Donors

Celebrities make planned conception seem easy, right? Gossip, fashion, and style magazines frequently feature celebrity moms at 40, 45, or even older with their newborn children. What is often left out of these articles is the reality of how these babies came to be. Of course, natural conception is…

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Eggs and Fertility 101

There are many reasons why a woman or couple chooses to use an egg donor in order to have a baby. Infertility, age, genetics, and medical conditions are some of the more common reasons heterosexual couples use an egg donor to start or build families. It’s important to note that even though this a…

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How an Egg Donor Pregnancy Will Feel like "yours"

A common concern of women who use an egg donor to build their family is that their pregnancy, and even their child once born, will not “feel” the same as a pregnancy or child conceived without third-party reproduction. Women may wonder if the lack of biological connection will override how they fee…

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