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Three Takeaways Parents Learn When Using an Egg Donor

When an intended parent decides to use donated eggs during pregnancy, it’s often done so with trepidation. Parents wonder: Will I be able to afford an egg donor pregnancy? Will I find an egg donor who matches my genetic characteristics? Will my egg donor pregnancy look and feel different from any o…

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How to Prepare to Donate Your Eggs

Once you, as the egg donor, are matched with the intended parents, the donation process begins. Medically speaking, you will undergo different screenings (fertility, medical, genetic and psychological) immediately prior to starting birth control pills to synchronize your cycle to the recipient’s. A…

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Egg Donation Services for LGBT Couples

Egg donation is a key part of third-party reproduction for many LGBT couples looking to start or grow their families. Often used in coordination with gestational surrogacy, egg donation is needed specifically for same-sex male couples or individuals. Why is egg donation so important for LGBT…

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A Note of Gratitude for Our Egg Donors

Egg Donor America is proud to offer intended parents a database of over 800 egg donors to match with in order to help build their families. The gratitude of intended parents who use an egg donor to have a baby is well-established, and Egg Donor America’s Case Managers wish to further note our a…

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Is an Egg Donor Pregnancy Different?

The egg donation process is over, and now you’re thrilled to see that your pregnancy test result is positive. What comes next? Many intended parents who’ve experienced a successful donation cycle are understandably equal parts excited and wary. The road to a positive pregnancy test post-donation cyc…

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Understanding Egg Donor Compensation

What is involved in an egg donor’s compensation is one of the first questions asked by donors and intended parents. Intended parents are fully within their rights to know what the donor compensation will cover, and donors deserve to know what they are responsible for and when their compensation w…

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