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Three Egg Donor Agency Must-Haves

Once you’ve made the life-changing decision to build your family using an egg donor, it’s essential that you take the time to make an informed decision about the agency you’re going to work with. It may seem overwhelming to know what to look for in an egg donor agency and what questions to ask, and it ca…

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Advice for Same-sex Male Couples Using an Egg Donor

Egg donation, in coordination with surrogacy, is a core part of LGBT family building for same-sex male couples. Same-sex male couples have the option of asking a close family member or friend to donate her eggs or they can work with an anonymous donor who they are matched with by an agency. For…

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Does the 'Perfect' Egg Donor Exist?

The search for an egg donor may feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Intended parents, at times, can place undue pressure on both themselves and the search process to find “the perfect egg donor.” This is understandable for many reasons, including that the egg donor of choice will be the indiv…

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Egg Donation Services for LGBT Couples

Egg donation is a key part of third-party reproduction for many LGBT couples looking to start or grow their families. Often used in coordination with gestational surrogacy, egg donation is needed specifically for same-sex male couples or individuals. Why is egg donation so important for LGBT…

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How to Choose Between Fresh Versus Frozen Donor Eggs

Prospective parents who choose egg donation to build their family will need to decide whether they will proceed with fresh or frozen donated eggs. There are advantages to both types of donor egg, and it is ultimately up to prospective parents to decide which type is best for their growing family. …

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