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Who Is a Good Candidate for Becoming an Egg Donor?

For many young women, becoming an egg donor is an exciting experience that gives them the opportunity to help a person or couple become parents while being compensated for her time and effort. However, even if the desire to become an egg donor is strong, not every person is a good candidate. You…

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Egg Donor America Donor Requirements

“Can I become an egg donor?” is one of the most frequent inquires asked of the Egg Donor America team. Generally, potential donors have an idea of whether they could be a good fit for a donor program, but they are understandably unsure of the requirements. “Am I old enough? Or too old?” “Is it OK that I ta…

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The Egg Donor Checklist

Becoming an egg donor to help a family or individual in need is an incredibly generous decision. Egg donors deserve the utmost support before, during and after their donation cycle. For first-time donors who have had questions from the moment they started their application, Egg Donor America is…

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