Who Is a Good Candidate for Becoming an Egg Donor?

For many young women, becoming an egg donor is an exciting experience that gives them the opportunity to help a person or couple become parents while being compensated for her time and effort. However, even if the desire to become an egg donor is strong, not every person is a good candidate. You might be wondering what qualities make someone a good potential egg donor and whether or not you fit within these parameters. Below are some common attributes that make someone a good candidate for becoming an egg donor.

Good Physical Health
Although egg donation is relatively safe, there are some possible risks and complications that can happen. However, these risks are less likely to pose a problem for a young woman who is in good physical health. This means standard factors such as:

  • Having a healthy BMI, ideally within the range of 19-29
  • Being a nonsmoker
  • Not using drugs
  • Not having a family history of genetic disorders
  • Not having a history of substance abuse

Beyond the basics, the ideal egg donor candidate will also have good fertility health. This means that she should have two functioning ovaries and regular menstrual periods. Furthermore, she should be between the ages of 21 and 31, as this is the time in a woman’s life in which she is likely the most fertile.

The Right Mindset
Psychological screenings are an important component of the egg donor application process. While most egg donors have a very fulfilling experience, the entire process can be emotionally and mentally taxing at times. Having good psychological health indicates that you will be able to handle these moments. It also ensures that you understand what the process is, as well as the benefits and risks of becoming an egg donor.

However, being psychologically balanced isn’t the only thing that matters. Certain personality characteristics are a better fit for becoming an egg donor, especially maturity, dependability, and being organized. The egg donation process takes a lot of coordination, and egg donors are expected to be responsible for maintaining their health or taking medications in the proper way. As such, the ideal egg donor will be responsible and committed to the process.

Miscellaneous Factors
There are a few other factors that can determine whether someone is a good candidate to be an egg donor. One of these factors is the willingness to self-administer injectable medications. In order to produce a higher number of eggs than usual for extraction, egg donors must go through ovarian stimulation, which is triggered through the use of fertility drugs.

Another lesser-known factor that can prevent a woman from donating her eggs is if she is using contraceptive implants or Depo-Provera injections. However, if she stops taking these types of birth control, she may be able to become an egg donor in the future.

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