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How to Prepare to Donate Your Eggs

Once you, as the egg donor, are matched with the intended parents, the donation process begins. Medically speaking, you will undergo different screenings (fertility, medical, genetic and psychological) immediately prior to starting birth control pills to synchronize your cycle to the recipient’s. A…

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What Happens During Egg Retrieval?

A key part of the egg donation process is the day of the donor’s egg retrieval procedure. For donors, this is typically the part of donation when the most questions arise – will egg retrieval hurt? Do I need to take time off from work or school? What is recovery like? What do I need to know before the…

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5 Questions Egg Donors Hear

Being an egg donor is a remarkable experience. Egg donors actually change lives by helping deserving couples and individuals build their families when they would otherwise not have been able. Although egg donation has risen in popularity in the past decade, real understanding of the process and…

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