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Get Involved With National Infertility Awareness Week

Although infertility is a common medical condition, it, unfortunately, suffers from a number of cultural and social stigmas. Many people have a basic understanding of what infertility is, but their perceptions are often eclipsed by inaccurate information. That’s why it’s important for people in the inf…

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Adjusting to Using an Egg Donor: Facing Emotional Challenges

If you’ve come to the point in your fertility journey when the need for an egg donor arises, you’re not alone. Roughly 12 percent of all in vitro fertilization (IVF cycles in the United States) — or about 16,000 per year — involve donor eggs. The good news for those participating in an egg donor pregnan…

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Five Ways Female Fertility and Age Are Misunderstood

Many women grow tired of getting a side elbow or wink from friends and relatives urging them to “get on with pregnancy.” Though women may feel less pressure to follow a rigid path to marriage and childbirth now than in bygone eras, the misconceptions society holds regarding a woman’s age and her ferti…

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How to Talk about Infertility and Egg Donation

Using an egg donor to have a baby is a very personal choice that should be respected and supported. Even with modern family-building methods like donor egg use becoming mainstream, many intended parents struggle with conversations around their decision to use third-party reproduction. They worry…

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Three Situations in Which Infertility Leads to Egg Donation

Egg donation services can be used to help build families for LGBT couples as well as for those facing infertility. LGBT couples, particularly same-sex male couples, are aware that egg donation services will be needed in coordination with surrogacy services. However, for women who expected to…

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Egg Donor America Honors National Infertility Awareness Week

National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) takes places during the last week of April and honors those couples who struggle with infertility. One in eight couples struggle with infertility, which means that many of us likely know someone who has struggled to conceive – or maybe struggled ourselves. …

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