How to Prepare for Egg Retrieval as an Egg Donor

Many young women become interested in donating their eggs because it gives them the opportunity to help someone else have a child while also being compensated for their time and effort. If you’re just starting out on your egg donor journey, you probably have a lot of questions about what the actual process entails, such as how eggs are retrieved and whether you have to do anything special to prepare.

The Egg Retrieval and Donation Processes
Once you’re approved to become an egg donor, your profile is entered into a database that intended parents are given access to. Once you’re matched with intended parents, the egg donation process begins in earnest. First, you will undergo several different screenings, including medical, genetic, psychological, and fertility screenings. After you’ve passed all the screenings, you will be given birth control pills so that your cycle can be synchronized with the recipient’s cycle.

Once your cycles are synchronized, you will begin the process of ovarian stimulation. During a normal ovulation cycle, the ovaries produce, develop, and release one egg into the fallopian tubes. In egg donation, hormone medications are used to increase egg production and speed up follicle development.

During this time, you will make regular visits to a fertility specialist who will monitor your eggs’ growth. Once the eggs are ready, your doctor will inject you with human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), which will trigger the final stages of egg maturation. About 36 hours later, your eggs will be retrieved using a transvaginal ultrasound probe and aspirating needle, which will be performed while you’re under anesthesia.

Preparing for Egg Retrieval
Depending on where you are in your egg donor journey, there are different things you should be doing to prepare for egg retrieval. If you have yet to be matched with intended parents, the main thing you need to focus on is maintaining your health. During this time, be sure to eat a healthy diet, get regular exercise, maintain a healthy BMI, and refrain from smoking.

If you’re further along in the process and are starting ovarian stimulation, the main things you should be focusing on are relaxing and making sure you’re taking the medications correctly. You should also abstain from sexual intercourse, as it can lead to an unintended pregnancy while you’re in a superovulation mode. You’ll also want to make any logistical arrangements for after the procedure, such as arranging for a ride home, as you will not be allowed to drive after egg retrieval.

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