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Ten Mistakes to Avoid When Using an Egg Donor

Searching for the right egg donor for your family and navigating the egg donation process can seem like a long and overwhelming journey. Fortunately, experienced case managers like those at Egg Donor America can aid in every step along the road to parenthood, from finding an egg donor who meets…

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How to Process the Need for an Egg Donor

Learning that you must use an egg donor to have a baby is news that can be fraught with disappointment, anxiety, and unease. After all, unless you are part of an LGBT couple, you probably didn’t expect that your journey to parenthood would require another woman’s help. Regardless of whether you rec…

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How an Egg Donor Pregnancy Will Feel like "yours"

A common concern of women who use an egg donor to build their family is that their pregnancy, and even their child once born, will not “feel” the same as a pregnancy or child conceived without third-party reproduction. Women may wonder if the lack of biological connection will override how they fee…

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What Is it Like to Use an Egg Donor?

Even with the increasing popularity of third-party reproduction, using an egg donor to build your family is still a very new concept for some. Same-sex male couples understand long before the moment they choose to build their family that an egg donor will be needed, but those who require an egg…

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What Do Prospective Parents Look For in An Egg Donor?

A recent study found that an increasing number of prospective parents looking for an egg donor are putting more importance on a donor’s intelligence and less on how similar the donor’s appearance is to that of the future parent(s). In fact, over the four-year period of the study, the percentage of wom…

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