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Three Questions Egg Donors Are Tired of Being Asked

For some egg donors, a supportive and encouraging group of family members and friends can make the difference between entering a donation cycle with confidence and feeling as if you made the wrong decision. Although more people are aware of egg donation than ever before, the concept remains just…

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How Much Will It Cost to Use an Egg Donor?

For those who are new to third-party reproduction, the cost of using an egg donor to help build your family can be a big question mark. Whether you’re using an egg donor because of a fertility issue or if you’re an LGBT couple, Egg Donor America works with all kinds of growing families, and we do our…

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Why Should I Become an Egg Donor?

Donating your eggs to a couple who is struggling to build their family is incredibly generous, and the couples who are finally able to see their dreams come true are forever grateful for your time and energy. However, we acknowledge that sometimes the decision to donate eggs is not an easy one. In…

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5 Questions Egg Donors Hear

Being an egg donor is a remarkable experience. Egg donors actually change lives by helping deserving couples and individuals build their families when they would otherwise not have been able. Although egg donation has risen in popularity in the past decade, real understanding of the process and…

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Can I Donate my Eggs?

Becoming an egg donor is one of the most generous and altruistic acts a woman can do for others. For those who are unable to have children using their own eggs, the journey to parenthood requires the help of women who have made the decision to dedicate their time, energy, and of course, their eggs…

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