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What Happens During Egg Retrieval?

A key part of the egg donation process is the day of the donor’s egg retrieval procedure. For donors, this is typically the part of donation when the most questions arise – will egg retrieval hurt? Do I need to take time off from work or school? What is recovery like? What do I need to know before the…

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Three Questions Egg Donors Are Tired of Being Asked

For some egg donors, a supportive and encouraging group of family members and friends can make the difference between entering a donation cycle with confidence and feeling as if you made the wrong decision. Although more people are aware of egg donation than ever before, the concept remains just…

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2015 'Best in Egg Donation' Roundup

With each new year, Egg Donor America looks forward to exciting opportunities to bring together prospective parents and the egg donors needed to build their families. Becoming an egg donor is a special opportunity to help a couple who would not be able to have a baby without your donation, and we…

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Top Questions Asked by Potential Egg Donors

Unsure if becoming an egg donor is right for you? It's perfectly understandable to be on the fence when considering donating your eggs. There's a lot to think about, and many women are surprised when they find out egg donation is a much more involved process than sperm donation. Even if you do some…

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3 Reasons to Become an Egg Donor

There is a long-held misconception that egg donors only choose to donate their eggs because they get paid to do it. Compensation might be one reason a woman would agree to become an egg donor, but it’s most certainly not the only reason. Egg donation does not mean one simple trip to a clinic - it i…

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Can I Donate my Eggs?

Becoming an egg donor is one of the most generous and altruistic acts a woman can do for others. For those who are unable to have children using their own eggs, the journey to parenthood requires the help of women who have made the decision to dedicate their time, energy, and of course, their eggs…

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