Three Healthy Habits While Dealing With an Infertility Diagnosis

Infertility can feel like one of life’s most difficult tests. Your diagnosis and subsequent treatment plan may ask much of you and your partner, with your physical, mental, and emotional well-being feeling strained. This is especially true for those finding themselves down a path where IVF and/or third-party reproduction is needed. Moving forward with using a donor to help build your family and the subsequent process of finding the right person and beginning fertility care is, to be frank, a lot.

Of course, there’s a clear reason why so many seek fertility care and third-party reproduction: to build the family that they have dreamed of their whole lives. While you're on the path to growing said family, we wanted to take some time away from the seemingly endless appointments, decisions, medications, to-do lists, etc., and focus on your well-being alone. So much is asked of those facing infertility, it can be easy to become swept up in the new world you and your partner find yourselves in and disregard your own health.

Your self-care routine should always reflect whatever makes you feel most at ease. We just wanted to recommend some options for those undergoing fertility care who may not have considered ways to cut out some of the stress in their life.

Dedicate time each week to doing something as a couple and by yourself that has nothing to do with family building

Maybe you only can spare half an hour, maybe you can dedicate half a day, either way, it is well worthwhile to do something together and a part that is just for you as a couple and as a person. One of the biggest stressors of fertility treatment is that it needs to occur alongside normal daily responsibilities.

Make staying organized a priority

Fertility care comes with paperwork, sometimes quite a lot of paperwork. Or, maybe your clinic handles things online, and paperwork is replaced by emails. Either way, it can be easy to let things pile up, whether on a desk or in an inbox. Staying on top of all of the information coming from your clinic is one of the best ways to reduce stress. Having piles of papers or unread emails to deal with is not something anyone wants on their to-do list.

Find your person

While being honest and open with your partner is important, sometimes it’s helpful to also have someone you can speak openly with who is not part of your relationship or family-building journey. Maybe it’s someone who has gone through or is currently facing infertility as well, or someone who you can simply trust with your most personal thoughts. Connecting with an outlet you feel comfortable with when needed, is an invaluable move toward making your well-being more of a priority.