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How to Talk About Using an Egg Donor During the Holidays

For intended parents who have decided to use an egg donor to have a baby, the infamous “when are you having kids” question during a holiday party can be a total minefield of emotions and anxiety. Even though using an egg donor and other forms of third-party reproduction has become a lot more common in …

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What Do Prospective Parents Look For in An Egg Donor?

A recent study found that an increasing number of prospective parents looking for an egg donor are putting more importance on a donor’s intelligence and less on how similar the donor’s appearance is to that of the future parent(s). In fact, over the four-year period of the study, the percentage of wom…

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Myths about Egg Donation

Without the empathy and generosity of egg donors, thousands of couples and individuals would be unable to build their families. Egg donors provide those who are unable to conceive on their own, as well as same-sex male couples, with a much needed egg that will help them have a baby. Even though egg…

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3 Reasons to Become an Egg Donor

There is a long-held misconception that egg donors only choose to donate their eggs because they get paid to do it. Compensation might be one reason a woman would agree to become an egg donor, but it’s most certainly not the only reason. Egg donation does not mean one simple trip to a clinic - it i…

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Can I Donate my Eggs?

Becoming an egg donor is one of the most generous and altruistic acts a woman can do for others. For those who are unable to have children using their own eggs, the journey to parenthood requires the help of women who have made the decision to dedicate their time, energy, and of course, their eggs…

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