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How to Research Egg Donation—and What to Avoid

If you’re considering becoming an egg donor, you probably have a lot of questions. To ensure you have a seamless experience and receive the care and support you need, it’s important to learn about the process in depth while steering clear of myths and misconceptions. Egg donation is the process of rem…

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Finding the Right Egg Donor Agency

When you know that an egg donor is needed in order to help build your family, the first step is to decide where the donated egg(s) will come from. If you are working with a known or directed egg donor (someone you already know, like a family member or a close friend), then the process will be…

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Adjusting to Using an Egg Donor: Facing Emotional Challenges

If you’ve come to the point in your fertility journey when the need for an egg donor arises, you’re not alone. Roughly 12 percent of all in vitro fertilization (IVF cycles in the United States) — or about 16,000 per year — involve donor eggs. The good news for those participating in an egg donor pregnan…

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Confused About Becoming an Egg Donor? Get the Facts

Sometimes women consider the notion of becoming an egg donor only to scrap the idea due to misconceptions that egg donation is really a restrictive, self-sacrificing process. In reality, egg donation does not require women to alter their life goals in order to donate, and only a few lifestyle…

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How to Talk about Infertility and Egg Donation

Using an egg donor to have a baby is a very personal choice that should be respected and supported. Even with modern family-building methods like donor egg use becoming mainstream, many intended parents struggle with conversations around their decision to use third-party reproduction. They worry…

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Celebrities, Babies, and Egg Donors

Celebrities make planned conception seem easy, right? Gossip, fashion, and style magazines frequently feature celebrity moms at 40, 45, or even older with their newborn children. What is often left out of these articles is the reality of how these babies came to be. Of course, natural conception is…

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