How We Can Improve Conversations about Donor Egg Use

As we enter into a new decade, we have an opportunity to reflect on the myriad ways in which advanced medical treatments have had an immensely positive impact on fertility and family planning. From in vitro fertilization (IVF) to egg cryopreservation, modern medicine has made it possible for many people to create the families they’ve always dreamed of but were unable to create.

However, although many of these cutting-edge developments have become relatively commonplace, there are still social stigmas that surround certain treatments. One of the most misunderstood fertility treatments is the usage of donor eggs.

Whether it’s because of a long history of failed IVF treatments, a genetically transmitted illness, or the inability of some women to conceive using their own eggs, women sometimes opt to use donor eggs or embryos in order to carry a child and give birth. While the creation of a family should be celebrated regardless of the method, using a donated egg can sometimes lead to internalized shame and anxiety and elicit insensitive comments from friends and family.

As a 2020 New Year’s resolution, we as a society should work together to improve the conversation about this delicate subject by promoting education, awareness, support, and sensitivity. In order to achieve this, below are some ideas on where we can start.

  • One of the most effective ways to make something less taboo is for people to be more open about their struggles and experiences. The more discussions on egg donor use, the more normalized it will become.

  • For those who have used an egg donor, you can facilitate and manage these conversations by controlling the narrative, instituting personal boundaries in conversations, and preparing responses to insensitive comments and questions ahead of time. These responses should be designed with your individual comfort in mind while keeping them straightforward and honest.

  • For those who are on the other side of the conversation, the most important thing is to be mindful of how personal comments and questions about egg donor use might be received. Even if there is no malicious intent behind these remarks, it’s important to realize that this is an emotional subject that should be approached with humanity and dignity.

  • When talking about conception through a donor egg, try to focus more on the fact that a new baby is coming into the world and less on the method that was used to make it happen.

Families come in all shapes, types, and sizes – using a donor egg is just one of the many methods that people can use to build their family. The important part is that a family is being built – the rest is just details.

If you’re interested in considering using a donor egg to help build your family but aren’t sure where to start, contact Egg Donor America today.